18 November 2014

It's What's for Breakfast

Fresh Eggs!

Lovely pale blue green hen eggs.

Organic light brown eggs...

Gorgeous orbs! 

Beautiful fine art photography for your kitchen, bistro, farm house, or restaurant.

These still life colour photo prints 

available directly from My Front Porch for a limited time. 

Please click on the photography - colour & monochrome page on the right hand side bar for details on pricing and custom sizes.

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24 April 2013


Sharing a little sunshine with you today...

...my Miss Sun.

Grab this sunny fine art print while it's "hot!"

Originally illustrated in pen and ink, then painted in watercolour and gouache on cotton canvas paper in a mix of bright pastels.  The cool tones of this pretty face, set this sun apart from all others.

I am now offering it as a small poster print for a limited time.

Please click on "paintwork ~ originals & prints" for all the details.

Happy Spring!

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31 March 2013

Floral Romance

Happy Spring My Friends!

The glorious delicate hint of the warm sun has finally worked its way through the cold winter sky.  Love, love this time of year!

I thought on this last day of March I would offer a small collection of some late winter and early Spring blooms that I have photographed.

I do not often "play" with my photographs after I make them, but lately I have been doing a little experimenting with textures, cross processing, and some other techniques.  

Yoshino Cherry Blossom Blooms

Each of these images of these dainty blossoms was the perfect subject matter for creating a soft and romantic vintage style photo.

Winter White Narcissus on a Vintage French Chair

Deep South Orchard of Peach Blossoms

The collection of these three vintage inspired floral photographs, I call "Floral Romance" is available as a set of small photo prints and each is ready to frame in a triptych or display in a special spot on its own.

Please click on the "photography ~ colour & monochrome" link on the side bar to the right for more information and details on this collection.

As always, thank you for your visit to My Front Porch.  

Happy Spring and Happy Easter to All!

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Joining some of these friends this week.

01 February 2013

Bless Your Heart

Don’t these precious cupcake toppers melt your heart?  

They are as sweet as they look and perfect for your Valentine’s Day celebration. 

Poke in a frosty cupcake for a party, attach one with a ribbon to a gift, tuck one or two into a shabby chic cushion

or make a paper heart bouquet in a pretty petite crystal vase.  

Each topper is double sided {so they are pretty from all directions} and each is adorned with a dainty paper rosette and pretty bow tied around a white lollipop stick.

Whether you choose the “Love Letters to My Sweetheart” collection or the “Heart to Heart” collection {or both}, however you use these little sticks will be charming.

Originally hand illustrated in pen and ink and painted with gouache and watercolour on canvas paper, these whimsical illustrations have been printed on high quality acid free card stock which will hold the colour and shape for some time and are good for multiple uses.

Order for Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, bridal shower, 

or just 

a random 

L O V E  


For all the details please click "one of a kind gifts ~ hand made" on my side bar.

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Sharing my LOVE this week with some of these friends.

26 December 2012


These misty and melancholy last days of the year seem like an appropriate time to share a few nautical inspired photographs I made in Marblehead, Massachusetts this past summer.

The idea I had when shooting these scenes was to create a series of images for my father-in-law, a former Marine, who loves nautical art.  {For Christmas I printed the collection into note cards for him.}

With some photo editing and an added texture titled, "Silence" {created by Kim Klassen} the quiet colours of the solitary sail boats in this still New England harbor became painterly.

This work is a little different from what I usually create, but I do like how these images turned out and am offering them for sale here on My Front Porch ~ not sure if they will end up in my Etsy shop.  For details on this collection please click on the "photography ~ colour & monochrome" link on my side bar.

Thank you for your visit to My Front Porch

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