26 November 2012

Vintage Sheet Music & Satin Kissing Balls

Recently I was at a local sale of old and beautiful things for the historic preservation society in my town and found these ivory satin balls stashed behind some other items on a table.  They were so soft and pretty that I purchased them knowing that I could embellish them further with some treasures I had in my studio.

Using original vintage sheet music that I also purchased locally at "The Old Book Sale" earlier this year, I punched out blooms and got to work.  The result are these lovely vintage sheet music and satin kissing balls will sing beauty in your home, on a wedding gift {as I recently did for a cousin who is a musician}, or on your winter white Christmas tree. 

Each vintage satin ball is approximately two and a half inches in diameter and entirely covered with vintage sheet music blooms.  Each bloom is punched from the original sheet music, not copies!  The double blooms are attached to the satin ball with a pretty matte white corsage pin.

I personally hand dyed and scrunched the vanilla cream seam binding ribbon from which you may hang the ball.  A flouncy bow with streamers hangs from the bottom of each kissing ball and is adorned with a sparkle bead.

Each one is handmade and unique; therefore no two are exactly the same. Please allow for slight variances from what are shown in the photographs.  

For details on these delicate creations, please click on "One of Kind Gifts ~ Hand Made" on my side bar to the right.  These are currently listed in my Etsy shop, although this listing is slightly different in price and quantity.

As always, thank you for your visit to My Front Porch.

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