11 June 2010

The Porch is Open

I am so happy that you have stopped by My Front Porch.
This has been a little work in progress for quite some time ~ as all good things are ~ and I hope you will enjoy your visit.

Here on My Front Porch you will find the essence of my style which includes my

original photography,

whimsical art, 

 and design for your home and garden.

Many of these hand made and one~of~a~kind delights are not available in my Etsy shop ~ therefore you will have a unique opportunity to have something special. Every item I have created has been done with the utmost care and design consideration ~ made with passion and integrity. I strive to make each product both beautiful and functional in some way. {Consider yourselves my test market on new products, designs, and ideas!}

Although, I may list products and designs here that I also feature in my Etsy shop and I have licensed on products in my Zazzle gallery, they are priced lower here because there are no fees associated with the listings. Therefore I have passed the savings on to you.

If you see an item here on My Front Porch that you are interested in and want to purchase ~ it's simple!

Just send me an e-mail addressed to ItalianGirlinGeorgia@gmail.com and I will issue a money request for the cost of the item plus shipping and handling through PayPal. You may also click the “buy now” button on my side bar and follow the instructions to complete your purchase. {At this time I can only do transactions through PayPal; no personal checks can be accepted.}

I will package your selection beautifully and carefully ~ as I always do ~ and ship via United States Postal Service. I am also happy to enclose a personal message on a gift card if your selection is for someone special ~ just let me know.

When I have new products to show you, I will post here and also post the items on the side bar under "SHOP MY PORCH" on the appropriate page links.  Specific details and descriptions of each and every product will accompany each listing. If you have any additional questions or want a particular item customized, just let me know and I will be happy to do what I can for you.

Thank you again for stopping by ~ I hope you will come back often to experience Italian and Southern hospitality at its best!

~ ~ ~

My Front Porch

...delights for your home & garden
original photography, art & design by

Suzanne MacCrone
Italian Girl in Georgia

~ ~ ~

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